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10 DIY Finch Bird House Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

finch bird house-pixabay

finch bird house-pixabay

Finches are beautiful birds with rosy breasts and beautiful songs. These delicate birds like to build nests in natural cavities, like woodpecker holes or hanging plants. The nest is comprised of various twigs, grasses, and leaves, and is shaped like a small cup, perfect for their delicate frames.

Even though finches like to nest in cavities, they are a bit picky about bird houses. If you want to build a bird house specifically for finches, you need to know what they like. Here is a list of 10 finch bird house plans you could build today, as well as other bird house plans you can use to attract finches.divider 4

A Word About Finch Bird Houses

Before looking at the finch bird house plans, let’s take a minute to discuss finches, what they like, and bird houses. In this round up, you will see several plans designed for other birds or that fail to mention finches specifically. That is not because we are lazy or don’t know how to read.

Finches are a small bird breed. This means that they like nesting in small bird houses with small hole openings. These types of houses feel safe to the small breed, inviting them to nest their young within the bird house.

Finches aren’t the only small bird breed to like these sorts of bird houses, though. Other small birds are the exact same way. For example, wrens and chickadees are attracted to the same type of bird houses. As a result, you can use wren or chickadee bird house plans to attract finches since they like the same houses.

For the most part, all you need to worry about is the dimensions. That’s what makes a bird house for finches separate from a bird house designed for a larger breed. To help master the dimension for small bird breeds, here is a great dimensions plan that you can use:

Sun Catcher Studio Bird House Hole Size (Best Dimensions)

This isn’t exactly a finch bird house plan, but it is an incredibly useful resource that you should use alongside your plan. In this article, Sun Catcher Studio describes the best dimensions for bird houses by the bird type you want to attract. This list describes the ideal dimensions for finch bird houses, but there are other birds as well.

If you find a bird house plan that you like, you can incorporate these dimensions into it, even if the house is not designed for the finch. This ensures that your bird house is specific to the finch or whatever other bird you want to bring to your yard.

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The 10 Free DIY Finch Bird House Plans

Here are 10 free bird house plans you can build today:

1. Sun Catcher Studio Free Bird House Plans (Log Cabin)

Bird houses are the perfect way to invite beautiful birds into your home while decorating your garden. Some bird houses have a unique look that looks like home, such as the Sun Catcher Studio Free Bird House Plans (Log Cabin).

Designed to look like a log cabin, this plan is perfect for finches because the hole is small, attracting birds like the finch. Sun Catcher Studio does a great job of giving thorough instructions, complete with lists, instructions, graphics, and even a YouTube video.

Because of how thorough the instructions are, anyone can build this bird house. Sun Catcher Studio even lists this design as easy and for beginners, once again proving that this plan is great for all skill levels.

2. Birdhouse Buzz Finch Bird House Plans

Some bird houses aren’t designed for the serious bird watcher in mind. This makes them ideal for the beginner, but experts start to venture towards more serious designs. This Birdhouse Buzz Finch Bird House Plan is perfect for the experienced bird watcher.

The plans are not super thorough, but they are easy to follow. This includes instructions and graphics. The most helpful part of this plan is that it gives ideal dimensions to attract finches specifically. This is something that not all bird plans offer, even if they are tailored for a specific bird.

If you don’t like this plan specifically, you should consider the dimensions listed in this plan. It will give you good guidance that you can incorporate into any designs you prefer.

3. My Carpentry Wren Birdhouse Plans

As we already discussed, the wren is extremely similar to the house finch. In fact, even though this plan’s name calls out wrens specifically, they quickly note in the first sentence of the instructions that this is the perfect bird house for finches and other small birds as well.

As far as plans go, this is one of the easiest to follow. That includes graphics, illustrations, actual pictures, and detailed instructions. This allows the bird house to be easily made, regardless of your carpentry skills.

Part of the reason that this design is easy to make is that the house design is classic and simple. It does not have much superfluous designs or details. This makes it perfect for the person who is looking for a standard bird house for nesting, no frills or thrills needed.

4. Beauty of Birds Bird Houses & Nesting Box Woodworking Plan: House Finches

Whenever you create a bird house for finches, you want it to be small and safe feeling so that they want to nest inside it. This Beauty of Bird Houses & Nesting Box Woodworking Plan does just that. It includes plans for the nest box, floor dimensions, entrance hole, roof, hardware, predator guard, and position, ensuring that every aspect of the bird house attracts and protects finches.

The instructions themselves are not very thorough, but they are detailed enough to where you get the point. Especially since this is one of the few plans that goes into detail about how to position the bird house, as well as a predator guard, you definitely can’t overlook this plan.

The plan includes graphics, instructions, a list of other birds that will like this box, and pictures of the house finch. The design itself is pretty simple. Anyone will be able to build this bird house.

5. Cuteness How to Build Birdhouse for Finches

If you are someone who likes a step by step guide to your building plans, this Cuteness How to Build Birdhouse for Finches is perfect for you. The instructions are very straightforward and written in a way that is easy to not get lost.

The design is very simple, too. The bird house will look perfect in homes and gardens with a rustic feel. You can always spruce it up with finished wood if you want something a bit more refined.

6. 70 Birds Chickadee Nuthatch Birdhouse

Just like the wren is similar to the finch, so too is the chickadee. All three of these birds have similar nesting styles, making them attracted to the same bird houses. Although this 70 Birds Chickadee Nuthatch Birdhouse is specifically designed for chickadees, it will attract finches just as effectively.

These are great plans for building today. The design is really simple, making it perfect for those who like the classic bird house look. The instructions come with detailed directions, pictures, and graphics. This makes the plan easy to follow and execute.

7. Empress of Dirt Make a Wren Nesting Box (Free Plans)

Whenever you start looking at building plans, you’ll quickly learn that many handy people are not very good with their words. This can make it difficult to read the instructions and know what to do. This is not the case with Empress of Dirt.

Empress of Dirt knows exactly how to tell a story with their bird houses. This Wren Nesting Box Plan is perfect for finches as well. It has similar designs and dimensions as the other options on this list. All the while, it comes with wonderful instructions and beautiful pictures.

Be sure to read all the way to the bottom of this plan. The bottom of the plan is helpful because it provides other tips for attracting birds to your garden. This includes what to plant and other features that will bring more wild birds to your home.

8. Sun Catcher Studio Wooden Bird Box

Bird boxes can be attractive, easy to build, and inviting to birds, though it can be difficult to find the right plan. This Sun Catcher Studio Wooden Bird Box easily checks all three boxes. Just about anyone can build this bird house, but it is very attractive and will make a great home for house finches.

The house is really attractive, complete with little shingles. The shingles make the bird house look way more refined than some of the other options on this list. People with highly decorated or matching yard ornaments may like this plan for the attractive touch.

The plans are also easy to follow, just like the other Sun Catcher Studio plans on our roundup. It includes detailed instructions, pictures, graphics, and a video. You do not need any woodworking experience to build this bird house.

9. Construct 101 Wren Bird House Plans

Construct 101 is one of the best sources for building plans, whether they be big or small. You can easily subscribe to this website, making it the perfect resource for free building plans. They provide a variety of options, ranging sheds and bird houses.

This Construct 101 Wren Bird House Plan is perfect for beginners who want to build a bird house for a finch, wren, or another small bird. The bird house is really simple with a classic design. It will be easy enough to follow.

The instructions in this plan are very clear and straight forward. It includes detailed instructions and graphics. You can even download a PDF version for free if you would like. This touch makes it super easy to read and follow this plan without keeping tabs open on your phone.

10. Rod’s Woodworking Shop How to Build a Birdhouse

Although this bird house plan does not specifically mention finches, it has the exact design that finches and all other small nesting birds like. This includes a compact design with a small hole. It also comes with hinge nails and locking pins so that you can clean the bird house out as necessary.

Rod’s Woodworking Shop How to Build A Birdhouse Plan is very easy to follow. It gives you step by steps instructions, meaning that anyone can follow these plans. It also includes actual pictures and graphics for further clarification.divider 1


We hope that these bird house plans insight some inspiration and excitement to get into nature and provide homes for these beautiful, feathered beasts. Remember, you can also look up plans for wrens and chickadees if you want to make a finch birdhouse. Just double check the plans with the Sun Catcher Studio Bird House Hole Size Guide to ensure you get the perfect dimension for your house finches.

Featured Image Credit: emrose5561m, Pixabay

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