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35 DIY Tree House Plans for Kids & Adults You Can Build Today (with Pictures)



If you were lucky enough to have a tree house as a child, it was probably your secret retreat, a special place you could go when you wanted to be alone. When you have kids of your own, it’s natural to want to share that special place with them by building them a tree house.

But there’s no reason why a treehouse should only be for the kids. In fact, we’ve got 35 sets of plans here that are perfect for kids and adults. You’ll find a great mix of different designs that you can follow as they are or alter to better suit your needs and desires.

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The 35 DIY Tree House Plans

1. Between Two Trees

This tree house is small and quaint, mounted between two trees. It’s a bit of an involved build, with a shingle roof and multiple windows. The end result is assuredly worth the extra effort though.

2. How to Build a Tree House

In this walkthrough, the same company that’s likely to sell you the materials you’ll be using to construct a tree house will take you through the steps you’ll have to follow to build one from start to finish.

3. DIY Tree House with Climbing Wall

You’re already going through all the effort of constructing a tree house, so you might as well make one that the kids will love. Try adding a small climbing wall for some versatility and fun.

4. Dead-Simple Tree House

If you want the simplest design that you can easily construct in a few hours or less, look no further than this dead-simple tree house. It’s basically just a platform with natural ladder rungs to reach it, but it will do the trick. No one said your tree house has to be fancy.

5. Play and Exercise Tree House

We’ve already seen a tree house with a climbing wall, but this one takes that to a new level. Your kids need some pretty decent climbing skills if you’re going to have them playing on this oversized climbing wall tree house.

6. Alpino Tree House

Designed to work on a single tree or be built between two, these plans for the Alpino tree house will take you through every step you must follow to build this elaborate tree house with some advanced features that make other tree houses look downright ordinary.

7. Multi-Level Backyard Tree House

There’s no roof on this tree house, but it’s still a pretty extensive design. There are two platforms set at different heights with multiple ways to make your way up or down to the ground level.

8. Elaborate Tree House Plans

This elegant tree house looks like a mounted gazebo. It’s an octagonal shape with a tree in the very center, making for a picturesque place to enjoy a sunset or sunrise from your own backyard.

9. How to Build Your Own Tree House

Building a tree house doesn’t have to be difficult, but it can be daunting. If you’re feeling intimidated, watch this tree house get put together and follow the same steps to build one for yourself.

10. Low-Budget Tree House

A really nice tree house doesn’t have to cost much to build. This one was assembled for less than $250, making it affordable for even modest budgets.

11. One-Day Tree House Plans

These plans were made to be built by the average homeowner with minimal skills, tools, or experience. They’re inexpensive to build and can be built on a single tree or two. There are even several options to choose from, most of which can be built in a single day.

12. Three-Branch Tree House Plans

To build this tree house, you’ll need two or three trunks that are growing very close to each other. It’s made from pressure-treated lumber and might take you several weekends to build. The roof is made from a simple tarp, so it’s weather-resistant, but certainly not weatherproof.

13. Superdad Tree House

Making your kids an awesome tree house puts you directly in the nomination for dad of the year in your kids’ eyes. So, follow these plans and tips to build your kids the tree house you always dreamed of.

14. Build Your Own Tree House

This open tree house uses the canopy of the tree at its center to provide respite from the elements. It’s a wide-open design with fence railings and a simple staircase for entry.

15. Awesome Pallet Tree House

If the cost of building a tree house is concerning you, then consider building it from repurposed pallets. This one is made as a multi-level pallet tree house mansion, and we can’t imagine any child or adult who couldn’t have a good time in there.

16. Popular Mechanic’s Tree House Building Guide

This tree house building guide from Popular Mechanic’s will make it easier than you might believe to construct your tree house. Just follow the steps they’ve laid out and your tree house will be put together in no time.

17. Two-Tree Backyard Hideout

There are many different ways to mount a tree house to a tree. These plans call for building the tree house between two support trees. Of course, you’ll have to find two trees that are appropriately spaced for this design to work.

18. A-Frame Tree House Plans

Most tree houses follow a simple square pattern, but these plans will help you build a unique A-frame tree house with a rope to climb for entry that will help to keep you young and in shape; if you want to use your tree house that is!

19. Sahale Tree House Plans

Sometimes, you just want a tree house that makes everyone jealous. If that’s you, then these plans for the Sahale tree house will help you build a tree house that everyone will be in awe of.

20. Open-Air Tree House

With a roof protecting the inside of this tree house from rain and direct sunlight, the open-air walls are a great way to keep everything fresh. Sure, it gets cold in winter and hot in summer, but that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?

21. WikiHow Tree House Plans

From picking the proper tree to constructing your new tree house, this WikiHow article will cover everything you need to know to construct a tree house of your own.

22. San Pedro Tree House Plans

This is an adaptable set of plans that can be built using a single tree for support, or if there are no trees available, on legs like a detached deck. It’s a rather simple design that doesn’t waste materials, helping to keep overall costs down.

23. Zelkova Tree House Plans

Another set of versatile plans, these plans for a Zelkova tree house can be mounted to two trees or built to be freestanding. The plans are highly detailed and easy to follow. Best of all, they use standard building materials in efficient ways to keep material costs low.

24. Simple and Sweet Tree House Plans

With material lists, 3D sketch ups with dimensions, and pictures of the build process and finished product, these tree house plans make it very simple to recreate what you see and build a simple but effective tree house.

25. Custom DIY Tree House Instructions

We’ve covered some rather elaborate tree house designs so far, but this custom DIY tree house is definitely near the top of the list. It’s a sight to behold, and if your friends find out about it, they’ll only want to hang out in your tree house from now on; never your real home.

26. Water-Resistant Hanging Wooden Tree House

The most unique thing about this tree house is how it’s mounted to the tree. Rather than being nailed, screwed, or bolted, this tree house is lashed to a very thick tree with straps. It’s made with water-resistant panels, but the only things we can really think about are those lashing straps!

27. Building a Tree House: Video and Plans

With hand-drawn plans and a video walkthrough, you should be able to build this tree house with relative ease. The video is short and to the point, but you’ll see most of the steps required to carry out this project yourself.

28. DIY Network Hanging Tree House

This rounded hanging tree house looks like a retro throwback to another time period. We’re not big fans of the green colors on this one, but the overall design is pretty nifty. Paint it a more attractive color and it will make an awesome tree house for taking naps and relaxing with a book.

29. Treetop Triangle Hideaway

Mounted between two trees, this triangle hideaway is perfect for young ones. It’s a great place for them to get away and have some personal space where you know they’re safe.

30. Tree House Deck Design

With no roof, this tree house is more like a deck with a slide. It’s not very high off the ground which makes it perfect for toddlers and children who haven’t mastered climbing ladders yet.

31. Modern Tree House Build Walkthrough and Plans

These walkthroughs are detailed enough for you to easily follow along while building a tree house of your own. This design is simple but elegant. It’s meant for kids, but you’ll probably want to spend plenty of time up there as well!

32. Freestanding Platform For Tree Houses

If you’re looking for a blank slate that you can alter to fit your needs, this freestanding platform is the perfect starting point. It’s a great floor for just about any type of treehouse. Build this platform mounted to a tree, then build your favorite tree house design on top.

33. Hand-Drawn Plans for an A-Frame Tree House

They’re a bit convoluted, but these hand-drawn plans will help you build an awesome A-frame tree house. All the measurements and dimensions you need are there, but you’ll have to deal with small and unclear handwriting that must be deciphered.

34. Terrazza Tree Deck Plans

Intended to be built on just one tree with a swing hanging underneath, these Terrazza tree deck plans are a great way to build a simple tree house that can fulfill multiple needs simultaneously.

35. Kauri Tree House Plans

To build the Kauri Tree house, you’ll need a tree with a trunk that’s between 12 and 20 inches in diameter. The finished treehouse has a total of 64 square feet of floor space, including 40 square feet of an enclosed area.

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You’ve got many choices to pick from. They range from utterly basic to exceptionally elaborate and every level in between. Build the treehouse of your dreams or just a basic platform that provides a place where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air. After all, we all need to get outside more, and with a treehouse as nice as these, you and your kids will want to spend far more outside in your treehouse than inside your home.

Featured Image Credit: fietzfotos, Pixabay

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