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13 DIY Kitchen Cabinet Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)


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Kitchen cabinets are some of the most useful appliances in the home. They store your food, dishes, and plates, all while adding great decoration to your kitchen. I’m sure you know all of this already. Something else you might already know, but many people don’t, is how expensive kitchen cabinets are.

The average cost to install new kitchen cabinets is around $5000. That is a hefty price tag for something that appears so simple. Because of how expensive they can be, you might want to learn how to build kitchen cabinets of your own. Luckily, there are tons of free kitchen cabinet plans that you can build today. Let’s look at some of the best.divider 4

The 13 DIY Kitchen Cabinet Plans

1. Ana White’s 18-inch Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Base

Kitchen cabinet bases are more affordable than wall cabinets, yet they often offer more space and are easier to reach. This Ana White 18-inch Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Base Plan is great for anyone wanting to update their base cabinets.

The plans are very detailed and easy to follow. They include detailed instructions, graphics, lists, and pictures of the final product. The instructions even link out to some pretty incredible YouTube videos. This makes it super easy for anyone to follow along.

The final product is absolutely adorable. These cabinet bases will look great in any kitchen. Whether you like a rustic or modern look, they are completely stunning and will fit just about anyone’s style.

2. How to Specialist’s How to Build a Farmhouse Kitchen

One kitchen style that has been growing in popularity over recent years is the farmhouse look. This farmhouse look is rustic yet cozy, making the home warm and inviting for inhabitants and guests alike. Sometimes, it can be tricky to find farmhouse decor that isn’t crazy expensive.

The How To Specialist’s plan for How to Build a Farmhouse Kitchen is incredibly helpful for this reason. They detail how to make a stunning farmhouse kitchen cabinet. The instructions include pictures, lists, graphics, and detailed directions.

As you would expect, the final product is incredibly rustic. It has an old timey look, almost as though it belongs on Little House on the Prairie.  At the same time, the final product looks incredibly durable and sturdy, ensuring that it doesn’t feel old.

3. Tom Builds Stuff’s How to Build Frameless Base Cabinets

As we already said, base cabinets are incredibly affordable, spacious, and efficient. This makes them a favorite in almost every kitchen around the globe. Tom Builds Stuff tells you exactly how to build frameless base cabinets.

The instructions are easily the most detailed on this list. They include pictures, graphics, and detailed directions. At the beginning, there is a lot of explanation about options you can choose from and additional features. This helps you create the exact cabinet you want.

Because of how many options there are in this plan, this one is definitely better for more experienced builders and woodworkers. Still, the instructions are detailed enough that intermediate builders may want to challenge themselves with it.

4. Wood Work City’s Kitchen Cabinet Plans

Many experienced woodworkers don’t like plans with a lot of introduction or useless information. Instead, they want a simple blueprint to follow. If that sounds like you, you will like this Wood Work City Kitchen Cabinet Plan.

This plan is much less detailed than some of the others. There’s a brief introduction, but then the only instructions are in the form of blueprints. Experienced woodworkers will be able to follow along, but beginners and intermediate workers might find themselves needing a bit more help.

Still, the final product is stunning, so long as you are already experienced. These cabinet plans are comprehensive and will look great in any kitchen. Simply click on the picture and start building today.

5. Bitter Root’s DIY Easy Shaker Cabinet Doors

Are you getting tired of your old cabinets but don’t have the money or willpower to get completely new ones? Just change the door. The only thing people notice on cabinets is doors anyways. This will save a lot of money and time.

Bitter Root DIY offers a great plan for DIY Easy Shaker Cabinet Doors. The plan is very detailed, complete with pictures, instructions, and lists. The instructions are formatted really well, which makes it easy to know where you left off.

The final product is absolutely beautiful. The shaker cabinet doors are simple yet classic. They will definitely upgrade your home without costing you a fortune. The cool part about these doors is that you can attach them to other shelving, not just kitchen cabinets.

6. Our Home From Scratch’s Sliding Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Plans

When I was younger, I used to think that kitchen cabinets with sliding drawers were a sign of class and affluence. As an adult, I still feel this way. If you are looking to update the interior of your cabinets, check out the Our Home From Scratch’s Sliding Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Plans.

To get the plans, you will need to subscribe to their newsletter. This may be annoying, but it is definitely worth it if you want to install sliding kitchen cabinet drawers. The plans even come with a calculator to ensure you get the specific measurements to your kitchen. This seems like a great bargain for signing up for a newsletter.

Whenever you finish the plan, the results are awesome. You get smooth rolling shelving within your drawers. This makes it easy to access that bag of chips or the last coffee mug hiding in the back of the cabinet.

7. Fine Woodworking’s Kitchen Cabinets – The Engineer’s Way

Many people look forward to home renovation because they get to be crafty and look at beautiful decor, but not everyone feels that way. Are you more excited about the math and working with your hands portion of building the kitchen cabinets? If so, check out Fine Woodworking’s Kitchen Cabinets – The Engineer’s Way.

This plan takes a very critical look at how to create the best kitchen cabinets for your kitchen. The author Tim Killen goes into detail about how to approach cabinet building like an engineer. This includes professional and efficient software. He even provides the blueprints that he made.

Given that this blueprint takes a much more professional look at cabinet building, it’s no shock the final result turned out great, according to Killen. No final product photos were provided. So, we have to take their word for it. Given how much effort was put into the building of the cabinet, I would venture to say it turned out awesome.

8. Jaime Costiglio’s DIY Freestanding Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Does your kitchen have extra space that you simply don’t know what to do with? Make the most of this space by installing a freestanding kitchen pantry cabinet. This kitchen cabinet will take up the excess space, all while adding additional storage within the kitchen.

Jaime Costiglio offers wonderful plans for a Freestanding Kitchen Cabinet Pantry. The plans are full of pictures and graphics to make designing the cabinet easy. In between pictures, instructions are given to make things a bit easier to understand. In addition, a link to a more step by step blueprint is given.

Of the plans on this list, this one is my favorite. The final result is breathtaking. Honestly, it would look great in just about any room, not just your kitchen. Consider adding this to your dining room as well. Stunning and versatile!

9. Glenn Beck Report’s Kitchen Cabinet Construction Plans 2020

Glenn Beck Report’s Kitchen Cabinet Construction Plans is one of the most impressive resources on our roundup. This website doesn’t just have one blueprint, but many. At the very beginning, you find blueprints for every part of base cabinets. This even includes cabinets with door panels.

When you scroll down, you can find a gallery of kitchen cabinet construction plans for this year. This is a great resource if you really don’t know what you’re looking for. It shows you a variety of options, helping you pick which design you like the best.

The gallery even includes tips and techniques for cabinetmaking. This ensures that no matter what blueprint you select, the final product looks professional and attractive.

10. Cherished Bliss’s DIY Kitchen Island

If you have a lot of empty space in your kitchen but not a lot of cooking area, consider adding a kitchen island with cabinets. The kitchen island will take up the excess room, give you more working room, and provide more storage space.

Cherished Bliss offers free plans for a DIY Kitchen Island. This island includes drawers and cabinets. The plans are extensive, complete with lists, graphics, instructions, and pictures. They are incredibly easy to follow, but you may need a bit more skill to execute them correctly.

Honestly, this final product is amazing. It looks like something you would buy from the store. Based on the final product pictures, this DIY island looks incredibly classy and timeless. You could make it match your style preference, though, by selecting different paint and handles.

11. Rockler Building’s Plywood Upper Kitchen Cabinets

You don’t have to have a fortune to build your own cabinets. In fact, you can use plywood to create new upper or wall kitchen cabinets. This Rockler building plan is perfect if you are looking for a straightforward and affordable design.

The building plans themselves are a bit dated. You will see a link to a downloadable PDF instruction guide. Unfortunately, you cannot download the PDF. The pictures were not uploaded correctly either, but the instructions are highly detailed. Be prepared to read a lot. If you’re fine with that, this plan will be great.

The final product is incredibly simple. It is a design that is timeless and doesn’t date or modernize the kitchen, which is something that many homeowners look for in staples like cabinets.

12. Woodshop Diaries’ DIY Kitchen Cabinets – Only From Plywood

If you really like the idea of building your cabinets from plywood but do not like the format of the Rockler plan, you’re in luck. Woodshop Diaries uploaded a wonderful plan that teaches you how to build kitchen cabinets that are made completely from plywood.

The plans are beautiful to look at, comprehensive, and easy to follow. They include pictures, graphics, videos, lists, and paragraph instructions. Just about any type of learner will be able to grasp building these cabinets.

Additionally, the final product is awesome. Don’t let the fact that it is made completely from plywood deceive you. The shelving looks professional and very aesthetic. This design would look great in modern or minimalistic kitchens, but you could paint them to go with another style as well.

13. Shanty 2 Chic’s DIY Cane Cabinet

Not all kitchen cabinets need to be attached to a wall or island. Some cabinets can be freestanding, as we have already seen. This freestanding cabinet has a DIY cane front, which is highly attractive and perfect for a kitchen or dining room where style matters.

Shanty 2 Chic provides wonderful plans for this DIY Cane Cabinet. They include pictures, lists, and paragraph instructions. There is also a link to another location for the same plan that it was based on. This makes it super easy to learn everything you need to know about building these cabinets.

Like some other cabinets on this list, these cane cabinets are awesome. They have a vintage yet clean look. You can easily put this in a large kitchen, but you could just as easily put it in a dining room or living room. It’s one of those pieces of furniture that could go anywhere and fit in perfectly.

Featured Image Credit: ginsburgconstruction, Pixabay

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